we’re all about modern metro culture

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In a sea of personal boredom and with a distaste of the current news(fakenews) climate, we wanted to create a publication that was so tightly ingrained into the fascinating and horrifically hipster-run city know as Melbourne, that it escaped the failings of other writings. the dreamtime pages were formed midyear 2017 to battle this inadequacy.

Our city boasts a diverse multicultural influence. The capture and display of this mixing pot of ideas and opinions will be a primary goal, but what’s often forgotten is the effect Aboriginal culture plays in everyday Australian life. The name the dreamtime pages borrows from the historical Dreamtime story. Through the process of writing articles for this magazine, we will also conduct personal journeys into understanding a culture from an outsider’s view, reporting on and analysing how Aboriginal issues are perceived today.

the ‘pages aims to cover stories and issues surrounding MUSIC, FASHION, CURRENT EVENTS and include UNIQUE ANECDOTES relevant and aligned with the common interest of the young-adult audience in and around Melbourne, Australia.